TACA Mentor Program

July 11th, 2010


Families new to the autism diagnosis for their child are encouraged to apply for a TACA Parent Mentor. Parents of newly diagnosed children with autism apply and are matched to mentors who are screened, trained and managed to provide 1:1 support.

Knowledge and experience are matched to your needs.

Mentors offer support in these areas (you let us know your area of need):

•Newly Diagnosed with Autism
•GFCF (and SF) Diet
•Biomedical Treatments
•Behavioral Therapy

How do I apply to receive a Parent Mentor?
1. Join TACA (click here - it’s free).
2. Watch the webinar below.
3. Listen for the code when you watch the webinar.
4. Use the code to access the application form below the webinar.


After following the steps above webinar video, use the application here to request a TACA Mentor.


ada-logoEqual Participation: Please contact TACA if you will require an accommodation to participate.

TACA Mentor Program

Are you an experienced TACA Parent? Consider becoming a TACA Mentor to help more families like yours.

Have more questions?

Contact the TACA Parent Mentor Program Coordinator using the form below.

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