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July 11th, 2010

Need Help on Your Family’s Autism Journey?
Apply for a TACA Parent Mentor

The TACA Mentor program is a fully developed, managed program offering experienced, trained, supported, qualified Mentors to guide new parents on the Autism Journey. Our program is unique in the autism community and supports our mission: For families who have just received the autism diagnosis, TACA aims to speed up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments.

What can you expect from the TACA Mentor Program?
Your TACA Mentor will be a volunteer parent who has been on the autism journey with their own child for more than two years utilizing dietary interventions, medical treatments and therapies. Your TACA Mentor will be a screened and trained mentor before he/she is matched to you. TACA Mentors must meet criteria in 14 categories to be accepted into the program. You will be matched based on your needs and the experiences and knowledge of TACA’s available mentors.

What is expected of you as a participant in TACA’s Mentor Program?
Your TACA Mentor will be encouraging you to find information based on your child’s issues. You will probably hear your TACA Mentor mention these frequently used tools (it will help to become familiar with them now):

  • Join TACA so that you receive TACA Newsletters via email
  • Get familiar with the TACA website. Your Mentor will be sending you links directing you to information specifically pertaining to your child’s issues. Many links will start from the TACA Family Resources tab found in the red bar on TACA’s home page and visible on all TACA webpages.
  • TACA Yahoo! Group is a place for you to get connected to the community, ask questions of other parents and learn.
  • Check your email, including your junk folder. Your Mentor will be communicating with you via email.
  • TACA’s Live Chat is available on the TACA website for quick questions.
  • Printed Autism Journey Guide – This is available free if you attend a TACA event.
  • TACA’s Autism Journey Blueprints and Checklists (included in the Autism Journey Guide as well as on the TACA website)
  • TACA in person! Monthly TACA meetings in 27 locations, TACA coffee talks, family events, seminars and more are available across the country. If you live within driving distance, your mentor will encourage you to attend a TACA event in person.
  • TACA National Autism Conference – Your mentor will encourage you to attend this amazing conference held in Orange County, CA if at all possible.
  • Our website and Autism Journey Guide in Spanish.

Ready to apply to be matched to a TACA Mentor? Watch this 5 minute webinar. You’ll receive the application password at the end of the video. Watch the webinar, complete your application with a valid email address, submit, and we will be in touch as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours) with a TACA Mentor matched to support you.

Mentee Application PDF

TACA Mentor Program – Are you an experienced TACA Parent? Consider becoming a TACA Mentor to help more families like yours.

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