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October 14th, 2013

MAPS Practitioners outside the USA (MAPS; formerly known as DAN!)

Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) Clinician Registry

Kirkman International Distributors (Supplements)

Kirkman Labs

Australia and New Zealand

MINDD Foundation
MINDD Foundation promotes an integrative approach to healthcare for the whole family with a focus on biomedicine, nutrition, neurodevelopment and allied therapies. We help practitioners and patients find effective treatments for metabolic, immunologic, neurologic, and digestive disorders that often affect the mind.
PO Box 151 Vaucluse
NSW 2030 Australia
+61 2 9337 3600 phone


Autism Canada
P.O. Box 366
Bothwell, ON N0P 1C0
(519) 695-5858 phone
(519)695-5757 fax


BioAutism Chile
Blog about biomedical intervention in children with autism in Chile.


Association ARIANE
46, Bld Jean Jaurès
92110 CLICHY
+33 (0)9 65 22 74 99 phone


Dr. Bridgitte Esser
Apolloniastr. 9-11
521345 Herzogenrath (near Aachen on the Dutch and Belgian border)
Tel: +49-2406-929417

Privatarztpraxis Dr. Faraji
Bergstrasse 47
35578 Wetzlar
+49-(0)6441-8706394 phone
+49-(0)6441-8706395 fax
More at



Irish Autism Action


Emergenzautismo Italy


Japan with Special Needs Kids


Blog: Spectrum Mum in Malaysia:
Website: KL Biomed Malaysia:


Bebepingo A.C.
We are the only not-for-profit organization based in beautiful Puerto Vallarta dedicated to helping families improve the lives of their children using biomedical interventions. VISITEN NUESTRO NUEVO BLOG!!!
Perú 1068
Colonia 5 de Diciembre
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
48350 MEXICO
+52 (322) 223-2006 phone



Puerto Rico

Foundation Against Autism

Chicos Especiales
Guidance, supplements and foods to heal children with autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity.

Alliance for Autism and Related Disorders PR
(787) 207-3700 phone

AutismBiomed Blog


Asociación para Vencer el Autismo
Independence, 289 1 10th
08026 Barcelona 08026 Barcelona
93 246 62 42 93 246 62 42 phone
678 23 19 31 678 23 19 31 phone

Parafarmacia specialized for food supplements

GFCF Diet help in Spain

United Kingdom

Treating Autism
We are a membership society that provides parents with a lifeline.
222 Bramhall Lane South
Bramhall, Stockport
Cheshire UK SK7 3AA

Children diagnosed with autism have many things in common - behavioural patterns, nutritional imbalances and they frequently suffer from immune and intestinal dysfunctions. We treat the imbalances and dysfunctions and use appropriate educational intervention to address the behavioral issues.
29A Stafford Street
0131 558 7444 phone
0131 476 3170 fax

Autism Biomedical Europe Yahoogroup

ESPA Research (Autism Research Unit)
ESPA Research is committed to continuing and expanding the research undertaken by the Autism Research Unit into various aspects of autism spectrum and related conditions for public benefit.

Cenaverde B.V. Nutritional Supplements
Retailer of vitamins and supplements.

Retailer of vitamins and supplements. You can also search for a local healthfood store or practitioner and easily find out what supplements are right for you and your family.

Other International Organizations

Please note many of these organizations do not support biomedical treatment but we include for reference in case there is nothing close to you.

Autism Journey Blueprints
Parent Mentor Program
Find a TACA Chapter near you
Email or Phone

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