Autism Journey Seminars

January 25th, 2011

Upcoming Autism Journey Seminars:

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Come and learn about how to navigate the autism journey from experienced TACA parents.

Why Should You Go To The Autism Journey Seminar?

No matter where they are on the Autism Journey, many parents typically struggle as they sort through mountains of resources in books, online, etc. . . . just to get at the right information needed to help their child as quickly as possible.

Whether you are a parent who is new to the world of Autism or have been on the Autism Journey for some time, our goal at the one-day Autism Journey Seminar is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and EMPOWER You!

Our experienced TACA parents will share their hard-earned wisdom and stories with you. These are parents who have "been there and done that" already! They can help point the way to the most helpful resources that will save you valuable time so you can get help for your child faster. Bring all your autism-related questions!

Attending parents will also receive: an overview of different therapies and biomedical interventions, where to go for specific types of information, and recommended "first steps" for various stages of the Autism Journey.

Seminar Agenda

  • Introductions and review of the agenda
  • What’s in a diagnosis?
  • Surviving the first year
  • Who Pays for WHAT??!
  • Biomedical (necessary tests and protocols)
  • Traditional Therapies (including: behavioral, academic, play therapies, social skills, speech, etc)
  • Dietary Interventions
  • Your Child’s Legal Rights
  • Organization and Planning 101
  • Questions and Answers


There is a registration fee for attending an AJS.  The fee will vary from region to region.  Advance registration is required and will be offered online in ShopTACA.  Onsite registration may offered if remaining spaces are available on the day of the seminar and therefore, is not guaranteed to be available on the day of the seminar.

The Autism Journey Seminar is for parents, family members, and other caretakers/guardians only.  One Autism Journey Guide (reference book) and one set of handouts are included in the registration fee per individual or per couple.
Group discounts may also be offered (a group is 2 or more persons). TACA offers scholarships for those families in need. Please contact the Family Scholarship Program Manager for more information. A discount may be available to TACA Members (but is not guaranteed to be available).

Refund Policy

No refunds for cancellations 48 hours before the seminar or for “no shows”.

Child Care

Child Care is not available at any Autism Journey Seminar.  Please arrange alternate child care as needed when planning to attend an AJS.


Alternative AJS Option: Autism Journey Seminar on DVD

An Autism Journey Seminar on DVD is available from the TACA National Office.  If you are unable to attend an AJS in person, consider borrowing a copy to view at home (contact the TACA National Office for more info) or purchasing the DVD (or the Autism Journey + DVD combo pack).  NOTE: The DVD does include some California-specific information.  Contact the TACA Chapter nearest you for geographic-specific questions.

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