TACA Physician Advisory Board

We are constantly striving to improve our ability to achieve our core mission for families who have just received the autism diagnosis: speeding up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments.

To enhance the accuracy and focus of the medical information provided to parents we’ve recently established the TACA Physician Advisory Board. This newly developed advisory board will bring families and treating physicians together to help the lives of those affected by autism and related medical conditions by:

  1. Reviewing and approving TACA medical materials.
  2. Writing original articles for TACA families on medically related issues.
  3. Educating pediatricians and family doctors on how to help families with early diagnosis and effective treatments.
  4. Facilitating a working relationship with the American Academy of Pediatrics and other similar organizations with the purpose of improving early identification, early intervention, effective treatments, and maximizing TACA support for newly diagnosed families.
  5. Responding to media inquiries about autism and related medical conditions.

We are honored to have the following Board-Certified pediatricians and medical specialists serve as Physicians Advisory Board members:

David Berger

Richard Frye

Elizabeth Mumper

Dr Nancy O’Hara

Nancy O’Hara

Dan Rossignol

Cindy Schneider

Robert Sears

Dr Usman Singh

Usman Singh

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