Recovered from Autism

  • This is Reeve’s Story and Autism Journey

    By Jennifer Baker – TACA Mom Reeve* was born via c-section at 38 weeks with an APGAR score of 9. Reeve was a relatively healthy infant who ate and slept well and met his developmental milestones until approximately six months of age, when his development hit a plateau. Reeve didn’t respond to his name and […]

  • Congraduations Christian!

    By Lisa Ackerman Recovery happens (1.)  As promised I will keep sharing those stories!  Meet wonderful Christian. Any parent would be proud of this great graduate. But watch and you will see that there is so much more to his story. Not only has he overcome and recovered from autism, but his description on […]

  • Symptoms Known as Autism

    I hope to inspire and give hope to other parents. There is hope out there in treatments that your doctor may not tell you about or ‘believe’ in. I spoke to my pediatricians about this program, but they brushed it off as ‘hogwash.”

  • Tears of Joy

    I stopped my Thanksgiving prep and played the message again. And yes, I burst into tears. I think I cried just as hard as I did that awful day in April 2000. To be honest, I may have cried a little harder.

  • Case Study of One Kainoa Chorman

    Kainoa Chorman was born on 10.06.2002, and weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs, 14oz., with no birth complications.

  • The Day We Went to the Circus

    Most parents will never forget the day they realized their child had autism. For me, it was the day we went to the circus. That was the day my denial ended, and our autism journey started.

  • Wesley’s Story

    Our firstborn, Wesley was born in May 2004. My pregnancy was pretty normal, except for a little mild preterm labor in my third trimester. He was born at 36 ½ weeks and was healthy.

  • Skyler’s Story

    What is autism and what does it mean when you hear that your son may have this diagnosis? These words first ran through our heads in 2003, when our son Skyler was 2 years old.

  • Music to Our Ears

    My daughter, Ryan, was born December 4, 2002. Three and a half years later, she was diagnosed with autism. I became concerned about her development at age 2 ½, when she didn’t answer to her name, protested any demand placed on her, and was extremely tactile-defensive.

  • Child Blossoms with Family Behind Him

    Medical professionals gave them little hope. “We had to become our child’s advocate,” says Sue. “We had to find doctors we could trust. We were living under a veil of bleakness, feeling isolated.”

  • How Kelsi Found Her Voice

    Seven year old Kelsi Owen is a champion of “Bunny Rescue,” an organization that helps find homes for abandoned rabbits. She owns her own bunny, Whiffle , who was a gift in celebration of Kelsi’s progress away from autism and her growth into a typical 7 year old.

  • Finding My Voice: you can recover from autism

    My name is Leya. I am 16 years old and will be a senior in high school next year. Today, I would like to share with you something special about myself.

  • My Bad-Ass Autism Survivor Story…

    May 13, 2005 was a joyous day in our household. On this day, seven years ago, our child Baxter no longer qualified for the diagnosis of autism.

  • Letter to parents looking at biomedical intervention for autism

    I am writing this to encourage you to consider biomedical interventions for your child. I hope many other people encourage you as well, because biomedical interventions are life changing.

  • Autism in Past Tense: Recovered. Really.

    Most people would say that recovery from autism is a miracle. I believe we create miracles every day, but miracles are a monumental undertaking which take time, patience, persistence, and love.

  • Answers for Daniel

    For those who have been with TACA since the beginning, you all know our story of how TACA inspired me to find answers for Daniel. He lost his medical diagnosis by the age of four, and I wrote about him in Mothering Magazine in order to inspire other families.

  • Devoted Grafton mother pushes back the veil of autism

    When her son, Ethan, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 in fall 2005, Jalene Suda devoted herself completely to his recovery. She quit a good job to stay home and marshal every available resource to free her son from this complex, isolating brain disorder.

  • Videos of Hope

    Charlie First Giving Calvin’s Story Alec’s Journey This is Autism Mom Jacey Capurso’s Video Response to the Chicago Tribune Story: “This Too Shall Pass…..” Read her article in the Age of Autism. By Quinn Has Autism Watch this two-minute video that shows the remarkable progress of Quinn. When he was diagnosed with autism at age […]

  • Autism Recovery Videos

    Produced by Stan Kurtz and filmed at Jim Adam’s conference in Anahiem, these detailed stories of recovery are from TACA.

  • Zach’s Story: “I Believe in Unicorns!”

    On May 6, 2002, Zachary was born and I held my son for the first time. He filled me with so much joy, I couldn’t stop laughing. I remember staying up all night, admiring his perfect little hands, his sweet face and his endearing infant murmurings. This little guy, not even a few hours old, […]