What is Medical Treatment?

Children with autism almost always have medical conditions that cause or aggravate the symptoms of autism. Treating those conditions makes the child’s health improve. When a child is in less pain he can learn better, have less aggression, communicate, and learn coping skills among many other improvements. Some children even recover from autism through the use of medical treatments used alongside traditional therapies.  Recent studies demonstrate that children with autism can have many other health issues in addition to the autism diagnosis (http://www.tacanow.org/blog/many-children-with-autism-have-other-health-problems/)

What is a MAPS Doctor?

MAPS is Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs. These doctors are trained to treat the underlying causes of the medical conditions, rather than the symptoms. To learn more and find a list of doctors, visit www.medmaps.org

It is recommended that parents get referrals from other parents, through a TACA Chapter meeting or a mentor.

Please see our Autism Journey Blueprints (PDF file) for a visual guide of the Autism Journey.

Working with your doctor

Gastrointestinal Issues

Common Treatments / Co-morbid Issues

Teen Issues