Resources for Teens & Adults

February 28th, 2015

Resources for Teens and Adults

As the children of TACA's parents have aged, we've worked to put together a series of articles to address teen- and adult-related issues and services. Below you will find many articles to help you survive the teen years and get your young adult on the road to his or her future.

Teenagers with ASD Articles

Teens - Introduction and Article Links

Teens - Social Skills

Teens - Life Skills

Teens - Developing Life Skills Through Chores

Teens - How to Teach a Life Skill

Teens - Puberty: What to Expect, Seizures, Anxiety, Sexuality

Teens - Biomed with an Older Child

Teens - How to Start the GFCFSF Diet with an Older Child

Teens - Self-Advocacy and Self-Esteem

Teens - Keeping Your Teen Safe

Teens - Transition IEPs

Teens - Testing for Adolescents

Teens - Extracurricular Activities

Teens - Driving

Teens - Siblings

Teens - Preparing for College

Teens - Volunteering and Job Skills

Teens - Been There, Done That: Advice from Parents

Book List for Adults & Teens

Preparing for Adulthood Articles

Preparing for Adulthood - Guardianship and Conservatorships

Preparing for Adulthood - Government Resources & Obligations

Preparing for Adulthood - Legal Planning & Special Needs Trusts

Preparing for Adulthood - College Programs and Funding

Preparing for Adulthood - Vocational Rehabilitation

Preparing for Adulthood - Housing

Preparing for Adulthood - Dependent Disabled Adults: Continuation of Private Health Care Coverage

Volunteering and Job Skills

Book List for Adults & Teens

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