Hurricane Scholarship: TACA – Dr. Darin Ingels Mold Allergy Scholarship

Many organizations and donors have the goal of meeting your immediate need for shelter, clothing, and food. Because of that, TACA and Dr. Darin Ingels are aiming to fulfill a need that could possibly be overlooked or unrecognized.
One aspect of the recent hurricanes may be impacting children on the autism spectrum more intensely: mold. Dr. Ingels recognizes the dangers of mold exposure and has offered to help with immunotherapy treatments for eligible families. The goal of immunotherapy is to help prevent the allergic reaction to mold spores that can negatively impact the physical and mental health of your child. Thank you to Dr. Darin Ingels for his generous offer to help TACA families affected by the recent hurricanes.

The scholarship would provide the following:
•An initial phone consultation with Dr. Ingels to determine which immunotherapy will fit your child’s needs
•The appropriate mold remedy shipped to you
•Follow-up phone consultations every 3 months for up to 18 months.

Eligible Families meet the following criteria:
•Have a child with autism
•Child is living with the family
•Have been directly affected by the recent hurricanes
•Provide up to 4 photos of the hurricane damage.

There are a limited number of spots available, so please apply only if you are directly affected by the recent hurricanes and mold is a problem for your child.

Click here for application