Hurricane Scholarship

Emergency Supplement Kit for Families affected by the recent hurricanes.

Many generous organizations and donors have the goal of meeting your immediate need for shelter, clothing, and food. Because of that, TACA is aiming to fulfill a need that could possibly be overlooked or unrecognized.
Stress and environmental toxins are going to have a serious impact on your child’s immune system. You’ve fought so hard, and have dedicated so much time, energy, and resources into restoring your child’s health – we don’t want all of that to go to waste. That is why we partnered up with New Beginnings Nutritionals and Houston Enzymes to offer you TACA Emergency Supplement Kits.

The TACA Emergency Supplement Kit will contain* the following:
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Probiotic (no refrigeration needed)
Digestive Enzyme
Autism Friendly Multivitamin
(*contents of the kit could change subject to availability)

We recognize that the need for support isn’t going to end in a month. We want you to know that TACA cares about you and your children. This program will be open for applications until funding runs out.
Eligible Families meet the following criteria:
-Have a child with autism
-Child is living with the family
-Have been directly affected by the recent hurricanes
-Are willing to go to a pick up location for the kit or are able to receive a shipment at either their home, or their evacuation location.

Click here for application